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 C L A S S I C

Our signature service – for an everyday natural look.


Classic New Sets

           Classic Mini Set (35% coverage)                            | 80 *NEW
Classic Express Set (50% coverage)
                     | 100
Classic Three Quarters Set (75% coverage)      | 125
Classic Full Set (100% coverage)                           | 150

Classic Maintenance Fills *UPDATED

Classic 25 Min Fill                      | 50 
Classic 35 Min Fill                      | 65 
Classic 45 Min Fill                      | 80
  Classic 1 Hr Fill                           | 100
  Classic 1 Hr + 10 Min Fill        | 120

C L A S S I C / V O L U M E    H Y B R I D
A mix of classic and volumes. Still Natural, yet fluffy.


Hybrid New Sets

             Hybrid Mini Set (35% coverage)                            | 125 *NEW
Hybrid Express Set (50% coverage)                     | 150
Hybrid Three Quarters Set (75% coverage)      | 180
Hybrid Full Set (100% coverage)                           | 210

Hybrid Maintenance Fills *UPDATED

Hybrid 45 Min Fill                        | 80
  Hybrid 1 Hr Fill
                             | 100
  Hybrid 1 Hr + 10 Min Fill           | 120
  Hybrid 1 Hr + 30 Min Fill           | 150
  Hybrid 1 Hr + 50 Min Fill           | 180

Going for a wow-factor? The secret is in handmade, feathery russian volume fans.


Volume New Sets

            Volume Mini Set (35% coverage)                            | 170*NEW
Volume Express Set (50% coverage)                     | 210
Volume Three Quarters Set (75% coverage)      | 250
Volume Full Set (100% coverage)                           | 290

Volume Maintenance Fills *UPDATED

Volume 1 Hr Fill                           | 100
Volume 1 Hr + 20 min
                | 135
Volume 1 Hr + 40 Min
                | 170
Volume 2 Hr + 5 Min                   | 210
Volume 2 Hr + 30 Min                 | 250

L A S H    R E M O V A L
Professional eyelash extension removal.

Lash Removal                   | 30

B O T T O M    S E T

Further open up your eyes by enhancing your bottom lashes.

Bottom Set                      | 75

D E E P   L A S H   C L E A N I N G
Charged as needed, based on our discretion.
Deep Lash Cleaning                | 10

Add a pop of colour to your set/fill.
Coloured Lashes                    | 20


Satisfaction Policy

We pride ourselves in offering a boutique service whereby our customers are able to expressly customize and choose from various options. We try our best to confirm the look you want during the consultation; however, if we happen to get it wrong, lashes are falling out at a an accelerated rate, or you are experiencing some kind of adverse reaction, we want to know about it! Kindly let us know within 7 days of your appointment and we’ll make sure to make it right by you.

Your satisfaction and positive experience are our upmost priorities. Because our interest lies in maintaining great quality service to an exclusive clientele, we are open to your feedback at all times in order to improve! Finally, eyelash extensions may not be for everyone and we humbly respect that, and you will be missed if we are meant to part ways – of course, you are always welcome to drop us a line!