What the Heck is Russian Volume?

What the Heck is Russian Volume?

January 4th, 2018

By Irene Yeung

Eyelash Extensions, Training & Supplies | Toronto, Canada | www.lashtherapeutics.com


From the land of the harshest winters and vodka galore come a beautiful and delicate thing – russian volume eyelash extensions. It’s a game changing category within the lash industry and the world of false eyelashes. I would call it the Rolls Royce of all things lashes.


But what is it, technically speaking? To answer this question you’ll need a bit of background as to what classic eyelash extensions are. You may have heard several terms when it comes to eyelash extensions, including: classic, hybrid, volume, 2D, 3D, mega volume, volume fans, etc. It also doesn’t help when companies use adjectives like ‘voluminous, glamorous’ to describe what is technically a classic set of eyelash extensions. Well, let me clear this all up for you. The terms Classic or Volume speak to the number of lash extensions placed on a single natural lash.


Traditional classic eyelash extension sets involve a one-eyelash-extension-per-one-natural-lash attachment method. Though the most beautiful results generally come from covering all of the eyelashes on a person’s eye (which can range from ~75-200 lashes per eye per individual), companies may charge based on the amount of lashes that they attach per eye, or by unit of time that they spend on the client. Hence, there may be many names that a classic set can be called usually based on how full the set is and will vary based on the company (some examples include Mini, Voluminous, Glamorous). So, classic = 1 lash extension on 1 natural lash.


In a volume eyelash extension set, multiple thin eyelash extensions are 1) fanned artistically 2) glued at the base to keep its fan shape, and then 3) attached individually to each of the client’s natural lashes. Nowadays, more and more companies are introducing volume sets to their menus. This involves a much higher skill set and level of meticulousness. The category volume includes fans with at least 2 extensions in one fan (2D), and often more – up to 5 extensions per one fan (5D). A subcategory has also emerged called mega volume that comprises of fans with 5 extensions and up per fan ( up to 10D or more!). Thinner lashes are used in volume sets compared to classic lashes, and the concept of weight equivalents is used to maintain the integrity of the natural lashes. The bigger the fan, the thinner the lashes used. So, volume = 2 or more lash extensions on 1 natural lash.


You can imagine that volume lashes would require significantly more time, skill and experience. Hence, these sets are reserved as the most luxurious of all lash services. Though it may not be a routine beautifying experience for all, the effect is breath-taking and makes you feel like a million bucks, cash. It’s definitely worth trying, at least once in a blue moon!