Eyelash Extension Artist as a Career

Eyelash Extension Artist as a Career

April 5th, 2018

By Irene Yeung

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I personally have never thought of a career in the lash industry, let alone the entire beauty/aesthetics field. I had studied Sciences in my bachelors degree and even pursued an additional degree in Registered Nursing. As with most people of my generation, we pursue higher education hoping for a better chance in the job market.. and I suppose it does help with beefing up a resume. But let me be clear – most people I speak to nowadays actually haven’t followed through with what they planned to do in careers class. I don’t know why I didn’t do research on an RN’s potential income sooner – but I found out the cap after 8 years of service was about $84,000 pre-tax at 1 full time job. Of course there are other methods to earn more (work in the US, work double part time jobs with lieu pay, go back to school for further education, etc., etc.), but I really wasn’t happy with less than six figures for so much lead up time.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to make six figures – but I didn’t know it while in school. It was because of a series of small insignificant frustrations that I encountered as I manoeuvred around the life of work that I came to the only SANE conclusion – I must be in control of my own income, autonomy, schedule, and ultimately.. my destiny. I had to figure it out on my own too. I didn’t come from a wealthy background.. but I was tenacious. I think my first entrepreneurial venture was from Grade 3 primary school – I sewed up recorder flute cases from extra fabric my mom had from her seamstress job and with her sewing machine, took them to class and sold them to my classmates for $1 each.. they quickly became popular and I had made them for almost half the class. After several more independent projects here and there throughout the years, I picked up website design, photography, branding, marketing, networking, and a bunch of other business-related topics here and there. Not to say I’m an expert in any of these topics.. but I know enough now in each of them in order to get by and even to offer solid advice to other budding entrepreneurs.

In terms of prerequisites for being a lash artist – all you really need are good eyes and steady-ish hands. To be a business owner; however, requires a lot more. You need to have that hunger to make it.. to keep improving.. to stand out above the rest.. and that’s in all industries. It doesn’t matter what you do – I bet there is a way to make six figures in it. This feeling of self-motivated urgency is what makes any successful person, well, successful.