Founder’s Blog

November 12th, 2019

The first thing I want to clear up is that Lash Therapeutics was born by mistake. With a little curiosity, a healthy dose of drive, and just sheer dumb luck, somehow we came to be. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur growing up – but in retrospect I guess that would explain why as a child I would always try to sell things and get in a lot of trouble for it – whether it’s sailor moon cards, homemade recorder instrument felt pouches that I made with my mom’s sewing machine, lemonade stands, garage sales, student council bake sales and car washes, junior achievement.. I was just a kid trying to earn a buck…
It’s no wonder I’m doing decently at this game of entrepreneurship. I’ve always wanted it – sought for it, thrived in it. Yes, it’s a game – one that’s worth playing and it’s a hella-fun ride so far. But why even go through all the trouble? You’ve no doubt heard somewhere sometime that owning and operating your own business comes with tremendous sacrifice – work life balance is always a struggle, your relationships take a backseat, your mental energies drain to the point of questioning your sanity, and you may not even make that BUCK.. I can’t tell you whether it would be worth it for you – but I can tell you what it’s been like for me and hopefully it’ll serve somebody out there. Goodnight xo.
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November 30th, 2019

The second nugget I wanted to share was this internal dialogue I told myself prior to starting this whole thing… was that I would NEVER open a storefront – nope, that wasn’t me. I tried it before (for a previous failed business), and didn’t want that headache again. Several of my personal clients at the time could tell you my thoughts at the time.. and the picture to the left here was me, working from home.. living at the time with my ex-fiance (more about him later), and thinking that would very well be my life into my future motherhood. What a SWEET deal – working from home and being able to raise my future kids that way… and be with my love.. perfect right?! Well, I’m now single. And to be honest, I’ve never wanted children of my own.. so how did I end up with that situation? Haha, it’s a long story for sure.. filled with smaller happenstance stories.. and a big part of my journey of growth… fast forward to now – having grown from my condo rental den home-based freelance business into a full fledged downtown store front with 15 staff members on payroll – all in a span of 6 months – is really quite surreal to me. I’m still learning everyday and trying to improve our processes and smoothing out bumps along the road, but I definitely had no plans nor hopes of being where I am today… Happy Saturday folks xo.

Have questions you want me to respond to? Email them to and title it “BLOG QUESTION”.