1. Customize Your Lash Set

Classic Eyelash Extensions is our signature service. A classic set involves single eyelash extensions adhered to each of your natural lashes. This creates the most natural look for those who want an everyday versatile look. 

Volume Eyelash Extensions is an exclusive service that involves double, triple, or up to 7 times the amount of lashes than in a classic set.Thinner lashes are used in volume lashing to ensure that we are still keeping within a healthy weight of extensions on your natural lashes. The result is a set that looks fuller for longer. By varying the amount of lashes per fan, we can create looks ranging from light, airy and fluffy to dark and dense. 

Classic/Volume Hybrid Eyelash Extensions is a healthy mix of Classic and Volume eyelash extensions, combining natural and fluffy. 

2. Customize Your Lash Style

The lash style will determine the overall shape of your extensions. We will pick a style based on the look you want to create as well as what is suitable for your eye shape.

TIP: If you have a round/large eye shape, opt for a Cateye style which will elongate your eyes. If you have a almond eye shape, opt for a Open style or Doll style which will open up the eyes in the center area.
OPTION: With each of these lash styles, you may choose a feathered appearance where we stagger the lengths to make a more natural lash line2

3. Customize Your Curl


If you are used to curling your lashes, opt for a natural curl with C or a more dramatic curl with D. If you want a more subtle curl, B would be suitable. For extra dramatic curl, we offer our very unique U curl. We will select a curl based on your desired final look as well as your natural eyelash curl and eyelid shape.

4. Customize Your Lengths

We will pick a suitable range of lengths to create the eyelash shape and style that you desire. Lengths typically range from 5mm – 18mm depending on the curl. The same length may seem longer or shorter based on the curl selected.

5. Customize Your Thickness

We will pick a suitable thickness of lash based on which set you select as well as your desired look and how thick your natural lashes are which will determine what they can handle in terms of weight. 

C L A S S I C ---- vs. ---- V O L U M E