About Us

The first thing I want to clear up is that Lash Therapeutics was born by mistake. With a little curiosity, a healthy dose of drive, and just sheer dumb luck, somehow we came to be. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur growing up - but in retrospect I guess that would explain why as a child I would always try to sell things and get in a lot of trouble for it - whether it's sailor moon cards, homemade recorder instrument felt pouches that I made with my mom's sewing machine, lemonade stands, garage sales, student council bake sales and car washes, junior achievement.. I was just a kid trying to earn a buck...... (see full vlog on our Youtube channel - coming soon!)

Irene Yeung, Lash Therapeutics Founder & CEO


Thank you for your support up until now – wishing you and your family health and wellness! We encourage you to strive forward everyday feeling beautiful. Memories and relationships created and stories shared will be cherished in our hearts!