• How long do extensions last?

    Briefly: Maintenance fill appointments are recommended every 2 weeks.
    Factors affecting how long they may last include: how slow or fast your natural lashes grow and shed, how regularly and how effetively you are cleaning your lashes, whether you habitually rub or itch your lashline from your sleep, allergies, restless hands, contacts wearing or dry eyes. Fills are recommended every 2 weeks because the weight distribution of the eyelash extension changes as it grows further out from your eyelash, becoming top-heavy.

  • Can I wear make up?

    Briefly: Yes – please clean your lashes EVERY single day.
    (Effective cleaning is very possible when the right tools are used – please see ‘How do I clean my lashes?’ section)
    The problem lies in not reaching into all the crevices in between your eyelashes to clean all makeup residue. It is always a learning curve when incorporate proper eyelash extension cleaning into your routine, but it can be done with diligence!

  • Does sweat or tears affect my lashes?

    Briefly: Yes, please clean your lashes EVERY single day.
    The problem lies in the salt and bacteria that is in your sweat which occurs most definitely with working out, but also on a regular daily basis. The same is true for your tears – salt is also present in your natural tears and salt will break down at the glue. 

  • How do I clean my lashes? 

    Briefly: Use a soft bristle brush + no-oil micellar water (for waterproof make up), DAILY. Avoid wipes, cotton pads, Q-tips.

    Our current recommendation for the best possible combination of tools: Micellar water (for waterproof makeup), oil-free formula + fluffy long bristled make up brush. Ensure that your cleaning tool can reach all the crevices in between your eyelashes. Avoid using any cotton pads/wipes/Q-tips or oil based products. 

  • What if I experience an allergy?

    Briefly: Check your symptoms – we will try our best to remedy the situation!!
    If you have had an allergic or other irritating reactions (stinging/redness/watering) with eyelash extensions before, you may still be able to wear extensions  – just let us know during your consultation and we will proceed with appropriate prevention measures. Removals from allergic reactions, general discomfort or infections are always free of charge. 

  • How do I know what style suits my eyes?

    Briefly: We will go through a consultation process with you – but sometimes it’s a bit of a trial and error!
    Pictures of lash styles you prefer are always helpful for us to determine your desired outcome and tailor your appointment.

  • What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

    Briefly: We require a 20% non-refundable deposit in order to book an appointment.
    Any cancellation of appointment will result in the loss of your deposit. Rescheduling your appointment with 24hrs notice will transfer your deposit to your newly booked appointment. Failure to notice us of your rescheduling or cancellation will result in the loss of your deposit.