• What is the booking process?

    Briefly: All bookings and deposits are done online via the bookings page, and automatically confirmed. Only available dates will be shown on the booking calendar. Detailed address and parking instructions will be provided upon confirmation. I do not communicate via phonecall, text, nor instagram/facebook. If needing to communicate for any reason, please send me an email at hello@lashtherapeutics.com 

  • How long do extensions last?

    Briefly: Maintenance appointments are recommended every 2-4 weeks.
    Factors affecting how long they may last include: how slow or fast your natural lashes grow and shed, how regularly and how effectively you are cleaning your lashes, whether you habitually rub or itch your lashline from your sleep, allergies, restless hands, contacts wearing or dry eyes. 

  • Can I wear make up?

    Briefly: Yes – water soluble makeup and water solution make up solution ONLY. 
    Slowly, carefully use a lint-free lip applicator brush to oscillate in between the lashes and loosen any dirt or debris as well as cleanse with a gentle cleaning solution. 

  • Does sweat or tears affect my lashes?

    Briefly: Yes, they can adversely affect the lasting power of the lashes.
    The problem lies in the salt and bacteria that is in your sweat which occurs most definitely with working out, but also on a regular daily basis. The same is true for your tears – salt is also present in your natural tears and salt will break down at the glue bonds. 

  • How do I clean my lashes? 

    Briefly: Use a lint-free lip applicator brush with gentle cleaning solution with small careful movements.
    Ensure that your cleaning tool can reach all the crevices in between your eyelashes. Avoid using any cotton pads/wipes/Q-tips or oil based products. 

  • What if I experience an allergy?

    Briefly: Check your symptoms – antihistamines on deck!
    Sometimes, they just aren’t for you, and cause more irritation or discomfort than you’re able to get used to. Worst case scenario – you experience an allergy to the glue. If you confirm allergy symptoms with a health care provider, ensure you have access to antihistamine medication. If you are experiencing an allergic or other irritating reactions (stinging/redness/watering) with eyelash extensions and wish to remove them at home, we offer free removal kits for you to take with you.

  • How do I know what style suits my eyes?

    Briefly: We will go through a consultation process with you – but sometimes it’s a bit of a trial and error!
    Pictures of lash styles you prefer are always helpful for us to determine your desired outcome and tailor your appointment.