• How long do extensions last?

    Briefly: You should come in for a fill after 2 weeks of your initial appointment to maintain your extensions.
    Natural eyelash shed rate is 3-5 lashes per eye, per day. At any given time, our lashes are at a combination of growth stages (some are more ready to fall out, some will continue growing for a while). An average person (with about 100 lashes per eye) will be at about 50% coverage after 2 weeks, with 10% of those lashes needing to be removed and replaced (hence, truly about 40% remaining at this time). Other factors affecting how long they may last include: how fast your natural lashes grow, if your eyes get watery, how regularly you are cleaning your lashes, if you tend to rub or itch your eye area, if you choose to wear make up, if you smush your lashes in your pillow during sleep. From a health standpoint, fills are recommended every 2 weeks because the weight distribution of the eyelash extension changes as it grows further out from your eyelash, becoming top-heavy. Stretching your fills on the long term may cause lash follicle weakening and lash thinning and/or damage.  For the set that looks fullest for longest, please select a full set with 100% coverage. If you do not wish to maintain your extensions, you may wait for them to fall off (about 3-6 weeks), or come in for a professional removal service.

  • Can I wear make up?

    Briefly: Yes – IF you clean your lashes thoroughly and regularly with a 2-step process of make up removal AND lash cleansing.
    It’s hardly a surprise that most clients with retention issues choose to wear make up, whether it is eyeliner, powder eyeshadow , mascara on the bottom lashes, or foundation on the eyelid. The majority of people wearing makeup are not able to clean their lash line properly. If you are dedicated enough to spend 5 solid minutes on cleaning your lash line after every make up use, then no problem. If you do wear makeup, it is your responsibility to keep everything clean on a daily basis and especially before coming in to see me. There is a $10 charge for make up removal if you come in with make up residue. The other thing to keep in mind is that the necessary cleaning steps also cause extra stimulation and more bloodflow in the lash line causing lashes to grow and shed faster. Retention will suffer, no two ways about it. Clients wearing make up on a regular basis with eyelash extensions should expect to maintain their fills more frequently.

  • Can I work out?

    Briefly: Yes, BUT you must clean your lashes after every workout.
    After the curing period, water contact is absolutely no issue. The problem lies in the salt and bacteria that is in your sweat. The same is true for your tears – if you are someone whose eyes tend to water, you must cleanse your lashes regularly. Salt is also present in your natural tears and salt will break down at the glue. 

  • How do I clean my lashes? 

    Briefly: NEW*Please see video above. Fingers/lint-free brush and baby shampoo  (+ water-based makeup remover for makeup users), rinse and pat to dry.
    1. If you use ANY makeup area in the upper OR bottom eye area (shadow, liner, mascara, foundation on eyelid), begin by using a water-based makeup remover. Gently massage your lash line using your makeup remover with fingers or a lint-free brush. Make sure you are getting BETWEEN every lash and touching the skin on your eyelid while cleaning. Rinse with water. Lightly pat dry with a towel. Use a close-up mirror, lift your eyelid with one finger and view your lashes from an underneath view with your head tilted back. If you have a clean lash line, you should see spots of skin in between your lashes. You can also use a white tissue to touch various spots of skin in between your lashes to see if any colour is coming off (foundation, shadow, transfer from bottom eye makeup). A clean lash line should not have any colour OR dead skin OR remaining salty residue (white crystal substance) coming off. If you see any colour or dead skin coming off, repeat this process with the makeup remover until your lash line is clean. 
    2. Next, use eyelash cleanser in the same manner to get the lashes squeaky clean and feeling fresh. To make your own lash cleanser, mix 6 parts warm water with 1 part baby shampoo. If you do not use any makeup, you are cleaning oils, sweat, tears, bacteria and dust/dirt. Rinse with water and lightly pat with towel to dry. 

  • What if I experience an allergy?

    Briefly: Check your symptoms – we will try our best to remedy the situation.
    1. In a true allergic reaction, you should see swelling ON BOTH SIDES, itchiness, redness on the eyelid area. Allergic reactions usually occur within 72hrs of contact with the allergen and can occur at a first time application or after several years of application. An antihistamine may help – or you may need to come in for a complete removal. If you have had a reaction like this before with eyelash extensions – fear not! You may still be able to wear extensions with a special allergy-reaction-prevention process we can provide – just let us know prior to starting.
    2. Irritation from other sensitivities (to the glue fumes causing stinging, gel pad irritation eye, tape irritating eyelid, etc) could see a ONE SIDED adverse effect with redness in the whites of the eyes and  mild to moderate redness or stinging. This usually fades within a matter of hours to days and does not require a removal.
    3. In the case of an infection, you would experience redness, heat, pain, and mild swelling. Some pus may be present from the lash line. Infection can occur from bacteria around the eye area or from anything touching the eye or eyelid (fingers, contact lenses, makeup). You will require a removal.

  • How do I know what style suits my eyes?

    Briefly: I’ll look at your eyes and let you know 🙂 
    If you’ve always wanted bigger eyes, try going for a shape that accentuates the roundness of your eyes and brings things up vertically. Doll and Open shapes are recommended. If you prefer a more sexy and sleek look, the Cateye shape allows an elongation of the eye shape giving you a mysterious look. Pictures of lash styles you prefer are always great – but it is more important to select a style suited to your eye shape. Close-set eyes or Wide-set eyes are also features we would take into account. All new sets will have a brief consultation on what style we should choose. 

  • What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?

    Briefly: I require 48hrs notice for any cancellation or rescheduling in order to avoid a cancellation fee. To cancel your appointment, please click the cancel link at the bottom of your confirmation email and follow the prompts. You may also send me a brief text – as long as the text was sent before the 48hr timeframe, you will not be charged a fee. 
    If you need to cancel or reschedule within 48hrs, please pay 50% of your scheduled service as a cancellation fee prior to booking with me again. If you do not show up and do not provide any notice, please pay 100% of your scheduled service as a cancellation fee prior to booking with me again. You may submit your fee via email transfer or paypal to: info@lashtherapeutics.com.