Meet Our Lash Therapists!

Hi beauties! My name is Michelle and I am 26 years old. I have been getting lash extensions religiously for about 5 years and have been lashing for just over 2 years. Before becoming a certified lash artist, I studied kinesiology, esthetics and microblading. I've always loved the beauty industry (I would steal lipstick from my aunt's purse all the time as a kid). It wasn't until 2016 that I decided I wanted to pursue what I now consider, my dream career. It makes me so happy to see clients look and feel more beautiful. Honestly, I'd much rather be lashing for 10 hours a day than sitting in an office from 9-5. Something about chatting with you guys and lashing is so calming. Besides lash extensions, I love to sing and dance (I can't dance but that has never stopped me). It is my way to de-stress. And of course, I LOVE to eat. A lot. You have no idea! So if you ever have any suggestions on must-try restaurants, please let me know!

Michelle Li, Lash Therapist

Hey clients! My name is Daniella DiLiberatore. I have been in this industry for 3 years and been working at Lash Therapeutics since Irene opened her very first storefront in April 2019. I truly enjoy doing lashes, as it is like an art where you can experiment with different curls/lengths/styles for clients and seeing the beauty of it after. I enjoy making people happy and feeling confident which is why I love being a lash technician. My favourite hobbies are doing lashes and shopping. My goal in life is to give the best lash look on my clients for their confidence, beauty and to keep a smile on their faces when waking up in the morning.

Daniella Dilliberatore, Lash Therapist

Hi my name is Christina! I have been a lash artist since 2017 specializing in classic and volume lashes. I am very passionate about what I do and always educate my clients on the best lash care to ensure long retention and lash health. I love making people feel beautiful and empowered. I have always been someone who loves to serve others weather it be my friends, family or my clients. I believe to empower others to always aim for the highest in life and work. I am very loyal to others and always aim to provide a relaxing and positive experience. Please don’t hesitate to book a consult or appointment with me I love to meet new people!

Christina Jaikishun, Lash Therapist